What Students Say About Us


Aashlesha Marathe

My name is Aashlesha Marathe. I studied Japanese language through open courses at TMV from 2016 to 2019 (Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Special Advanced Diploma). I was blessed to have wonderful and experienced teachers throughout this period, who always went beyond the reference material and helped us learn the language through presentations, role plays and numerous other activities.

In 2019, I won the third prize at the 31st All India Japanese Speech Contest by MOSAI. Due to this, I got the opportunity to go to Japan for JENESYS Program in November 2019. It was a week-long scholarship to Japan. During the program, we got to visit Tokyo and Komatsu, Ishikawa for sightseeing as well as for cultural and educational activities. We also got to experience life in Japan through a homestay. It was an amazing experience - something I would never forget, and I am thankful to all my teachers and mentors at TMV for the same.


Brehadeesh Kumar

I studied at Chiba University as an undergraduate MEXT scholar. My research dealt with Japanese and Indian confectionery and their acceptability among the Japanese masses. I studied Japanese at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and Hotel Management and Applied Nutrition at IHM Mumbai. TMV has been an indispensable part of my Japanese language education. I especially highly appreciate the focus on holistic education about Japan and Japanese Language seen in all classes conducted by the University. In addition, the attention paid to development of writing skills, intricacies and nuances of the scripts contributes to the very polished students that the university produces year after year. The zeal of the teachers cannot go unmentioned when it comes to interactive teaching.


Mrunmai Soman

I am Mrunmai Soman, studied at Hiroshima university, Japan through Nikkensei program. I was studying Japanese language at TMV from last 3 years. After started learning Japanese I found it a bit difficult, but in TMV not only emphasis on language but also all the activities related to it such as speech competition, singing competition were also carried out which further increased my desire to learn Japanese.

Participation in all these competitions not only increases the practice of speaking a foreign language but also increases confidence. And that is why I could participate in international student’s Japanese language speech contest in Higashi-Hiroshima city and could occupy first prize. It was possible only because of the hard work of the teachers in TMV. I had the opportunity to study with students from countries like Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Myanmar. Communication with them also made me know about some difference as well as the similarities between the cultures.

While leaving TMV, it felt like departure for the next journey with a box of knowledge. I am always grateful to TMV.


Mugdha Nanal

I am Mugdha Nanal, I completed my BA in Japanese in TMV. I came back from Hiroshima University, Japan where I studied Japanese for 11 months. I went through Nikkensei program. One of my teachers here at TMV always says that, going to Japan to learn Japanese is the same as jumping in the water when you don’t know how to swim. The experience is crucial. Well, my experience wasn’t any different. At first, I thought I would drown, but with everything that I learnt here at TMV, I not only managed to swim, the whole experience was nothing short of magical.

I learnt Japanese at TMV for 4 years. I started learning with open courses in Japanese and later shifted to B.A. in Japanese. Apart from the scholarships, we also have activities like song competition, kanji contest, speech contest and some cultural events like Japanese green tea ceremony, calligraphy, here at TMV. Teachers here have always been very supportive, regarding not only Japanese but every other aspect of life. I am really thankful for everything that TMV has done for me and hope to make my teachers proud someday.


Ninad Rajpathak

Hello! I'm Ninad Rajpathak, I studied at Saitama University as a Nikkensei through MEXT Scholarship Funded by Japan Government. The BA Japanese course contains very deep learning from the each prospective of Japanese language. It not only focuses on linguistic aspect but also the Cultural and literature part too. And that helps you a lot when you work in a Japanese environment irrespective whether you are Japan or in India.

The faculty of BA course is very keen to give students the quality learning and makes them proficient in Japanese language. The BA course and all the faculty members of TMV helped me a lot for the MEXT Scholarship Exam. Whatever I assimilated in BA course is helping me a lot now and also will be helpful in future while associating with Japanese people.Thanks a lot, to my all Sensei's (Teachers) and the place where I started learning Japanese.


Prashanti Bathe

I am Prashanti Bathe, a student of BA Japanese at TMV for 3 years. As a language learner it is very important to get a chance to go to that country and speak with the local people. Through the different scholarship programs, TMV provides its students various opportunities to go to Japan and learn the language and experience its culture. I got a chance to be a part of one such program which is the METI internship program. Through this program I was able to work in a company at Osaka and experience its working environment for 3 months. This experience has helped me improve my language and also increase my confidence. During my internship I got to know how helpful all the classes conducted at TMV are. TMV provides its students a strong base which helps them to build a strong career. I believe that learning at TMV is one the best decision I made.


Rupali Damle

I'm Rupali Damle. I studied Japanese language and culture at Osaka University under Nikkensei program. I've studied Japanese in TMV for two years. I think that it was my best decision to shift from Mumbai to Pune to pursue BA in Japanese from TMV. The course is well designed and has helped me in improving my language and cultural understanding. Teaching faculty is very knowledgeable and it is a privilege to study under their guidance. In addition, TMV gives opportunity to appear for various scholarships and campus job interviews. There are various events happening throughout the year for students such as speech contest, kanji contest, song competition, drama competition, short film contest etc. The course has helped me start my career in Japanese field. I'm glad that I decided to graduate from TMV.


Swarali Sarpotdar

I am Swarali Sarpotdar. I got an excellent chance of doing an internship in Japan for two and a half months through a program named as METI Japan Internship Program, which is an internship supported by the Japanese government. Through this program I got a chance to work in a well-known Japanese group company ‘Denso Wave’, there experienced Japanese corporate business culture, besides that I was also able to learn about Japanese culture more deeply. As I lived for two and a half months in Japan, I was able to gain the confidence of living independently and explore myself. I thank TMV for giving me such a great opportunity and for allowing me to go and explore my dream place, it is my great privilege to learn in Institute like TMV which supports and encourages students beyond curriculum activities. And I also strongly recommend students to apply for METI Japan Internship Program.


Srushti Todkari

I completed my all open-course-levels and MA in Japanese language from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. The Japanese department also arranged workshops related to the Japanese culture, like Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy along with the usual curriculum. Passionate and dedicated teachers of the university helped and motivated to understand the Japanese language and culture. I feel myself lucky to get the scholarships to study in Japan twice, thanks to the TMV and Japanese university tie-ups. In 2015, I went to Kanazawa University on a student-exchange-program for a year. And in 2019-2021 I completed my MBA degree from Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Niigata. Wholehearted thanks to the TMV and its amazing teachers.


Shikha Mallya

Having studied Japanese for quite some time, like any other student, it was my dream to go to Japan. I had heard of students going to Japan on the Monbukagakusho scholarship, popularly known as the MEXT scholarship, and I had thought that for me it was an impossible feat to achieve. After I joined TMV, I felt that this distant dream could after all come to fruition.

In July, 2020, amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and uncertain times, I got an email from the Embassy of Japan saying that my application was successful for the Japanese Studies Program and I was placed at Kyoto University. This was my second time going to Japan through TMV, and this time around I was as excited as I was the first time. I left for Japan in October and got to experience how the Japanese function during such a trying time. I cannot express in short sentences how Japan never failed to amaze and impress me every day. Right from the immaculately clean roads, convenience stores at every nook and corner, and a transport system that works like clockwork, Japan symbolises development at its best. At the same time, the culture is well-preserved and appreciated equally by both young and old.

My course at Kyoto University was challenging at first as I felt I could not keep up with the demanding schedule, but I got a hang of it eventually. The classes are specially designed for foreign students learning Japanese. I got to experience making Wagashi (Japanese sweets), Washi (Japanese traditional paper), and experienced watching Kabuki (Japanese classical drama) as well. I made friends from all around the world and enjoyed living in a dormitory room. The one year that I spent in Japan as a student turned out to be a truly enriching and invaluable experience that I will forever treasure.

If you ask me how TMV and the teachers at TMV helped me fulfil my dream, I would say they immensely supported and guided me at every step of the way. The BA in Japanese course at TMV is extremely well-designed and on par with international standards. The highly experienced teachers leave no stone unturned to ensure that students not only learn the language in the best possible way but also go above and beyond to make learning enjoyable. The native Japanese teachers ensure that the students get a taste of learning the language and culture the Japanese-way by implementing Japanese-style teaching methods, and also ensure that the students are 'corporate-ready' by conducting "Business Japanese" sessions as well. Apart from that, various events are conducted throughout the academic year, such as the Kanji Contest, Song Competition and so on.

I thoroughly cherished my time at TMV and I felt that the BA course helped me augment my language skills. Apart from that, I think my spoken Japanese has also improved considerably and I now feel confident in my abilities, and the credit goes to each and every one at TMV.

Year 2020-21


Sayali Daundkar

I am Sayali Daundkar from Pune. While studying B.A. in Japanese language at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, I came across this amazing scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students, where I can learn the language and culture in Japan. I studied very hard to grab this opportunity and I got to go to Osaka University as a MEXT scholar. At Osaka University I got to learn from native teachers, I got to interact with native people and I even made many Japanese friends. I had to constantly speak in Japanese language as people there do not use English often. This daily practice made my language skills stronger and eventually I started speaking Japanese fluently which is a great achievement for my career. I got to roam around the country, I went to many beautiful places, I learned to live independently. I got many chances to participate in culture related activities through Osaka University. There were students from other countries also. We exchanged cultural values and learned about many new cultures. I loved my student life in Japan. I returned home with my heart full of memories. It is a valuable experience that one must cherish his/her whole life. And I want to recommend this to all of my juniors. If you are interested in language as well as the culture and the country, you should seriously consider TMV’s scholarship and exchange programs. All the best everyone!!

Year 2020-21


Chaitrali Parkhi

I am Chaitrali Parkhi. I got this opportunity to learn at Osaka University for 1 year as a Monbukagakusho scholar. I thank all the teachers and Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, who supported me through this journey.

Talking about my journey, the experience was unforgettable. I learned a lot of things. I remember the time I went to Osaka University. Everything was different. I enjoyed my life there. I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people from different countries. I got introduced to new cultures. I learn a lot of new things about Japanese culture as well. As I am vegetarian, before going there I was so scared, but after going there I learned that yes, vegetarians can survive in Japan.

Whatever teachers taught here, I got to experience those things in Japan. First few months I always used to think, “oh! I have learned this in class.” “Oh! Sensei have taught us about this.” Overall, it was really great learning experience for me. I am so grateful that I got this opportunity.

Year 2020-21


Ajit Gidale

My name is Ajit Gidale I am from a rural area in Sindhudurg district. As every student must have at least once thought of going abroad for studies, I also thought of it but totally unaware of the ways to do so. But then I came across Japanese language studies in TMV Pune. that time also I didn’t expect that my dream would be fulfilled so early. In the last year of my Japanese studies, I got selected for MEXT Scholarship and got a chance to experience my dream come true.

I was a MEXT scholarship student at Nagoya university for the year 2020-21. I consider myself very fortunate to get such a chance and experience a whole new world full of kindness, new opportunities and so much to learn.

I studied in advanced Japanese course. I feel that this one-year experience has changed me inside out. I learnt so many new things. These new things are not only related to Japanese language but related to improve as a person too. Living alone in a foreign country has made me more independent and it made me believe in myself a little more. I made a lot of new friends from all over the world. I got to learn from them too. Learning Japanese in India and going to Japan and experiencing everything you learned was an incredible journey for me.

Everything I could do was possible only because of the support from my parents and my sister and the priceless efforts and guidance from all the teachers in TMV.

I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me, guided me and wished for my well-being.

Year 2020-21


Shalmali Rajadhyaksha

I am Shalmali Rajadhyaksha and my journey with TMV started with BA in Japanese language and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had. The course is thorough and covers a vast range of language aspects including Business Japanese, History, Literature, Culture, etc. During this course, I was awarded the MombukagakushouUG Nikkenseischolarship, for one year at Osaka University. I also pursued MBA degree at Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Nigata again with a Monbukagakushou scholarship that was possible because TMV has a tie-up with my Japanese college. I understand that there are several other tie-ups of TMV and this has become a point of attraction amongst young students of Japanese. My own achievements wouldn't have been possible without TMV. I am immensely thankful to the wonderful teachers for helping me shape my career.


Sneha Jambhekar

I am Sneha Jambhekar, studied in Kanazawa University under the student's exchange program. TMV has a student exchange agreement with Kanazawa University which is beneficial to students like me. TMV has always been the best i could get in my career building years. Each and every teacher here hopes only for the best of students and builds every individual in a unique way . I am fortunate to get a scholarship to enhance my Japanese language skills in Kanazawa University under KUSEP-A program (Kanazawa University Student Exchange Program); where in I could build relations with not only Japanese people but also with the other foreign students which helped develop in a distinctive way . Kanazawa for me feels like mini Japan. It makes you feel the beauty of nature in all seasons . It is rich in it's own cultural aspects. Kagan yuzen, KutaniYakipottery ,Wajimanuri lacquer, Noh are some of the excellent experiences I had of kanazawa's abundant culture . The city is beautiful planned and it looks equally mesmerizing whenever you visit it. The gigantic Kenrokuen, Higashi chaya samurai district ,Oyama jinja, Hakuichi museum adds to the charm of the city . Kanazawa is a place one must visit while in Japan.


Devendra Kelkar

I am Devendra Kelkar, got opportunity to study in Osaka university, Japan through Nikkensei program. I started learning Japanese with part time courses at TMV and later shifted to B.A Japanese. Learning a new language is like baptism of fire. However, it was my great privilege to have institute like TMV which doesn't only teach you well but supports you at every step towards your goal. TMV also offers lots of different scholarships to visit Japan which makes your dream come true. Classes are well designed, giving you an outlook of Japan and Japanese language. We even got a chance to shoot a short film in Japanese through our practical Japanese course. TMV also gives you a platform to stand and express yourself before everyone through various activities like speech contest, song competition, kanji contest etc. It's my immense pleasure to be associated with TMV


Ramya Ghangrekar

I am Ramya Ghangrekar a student of Japanese Language at TMV. The institute offers quality higher education that are respected by employers and academics nationwide. The innovative learning and teaching environment groom the students to face the challenging corporate world. I have found junctures for personal development not only academically, but also to expand beyond classroom knowledge. As a student here I also got a chance to partake in the Hiroshima University's Winter Scholarship Program which gave an insight into the Japanese culture. The education at TMV lays a solid foundation for careers in various fields and I am glad I made a decision to graduate from here.


Sayali Kulkarni

I am Sayali Kulkarni. I studied at Kanazawa University under exchange program. TMV with its highly efficient staff strives hard to develop students academically as well as on social and personal level. TMV offers various opportunities in form of exchange program and scholarships. As exchange student in Kanazawa University under KUSEP C program I got an opportunity to enhance my language skills and experience Japanese society and culture. Apart from textual knowledge TMV also encourages personality development skills through various activities like song competition, kanji quiz, speech competition, workshopsetc. in which native Japanese people actively participate. This gives more chances of interaction in Japanese with Japanese people. I am glad to be associated with institute like TMV


Medha Puranik

I started studying Japanese language in TMV from 2018. All the teachers in TMV have always been helpful. TMV gives all the students various opportunities to showcase their language skills as well as the cultural knowledge about Japan.

There was a student exchange programme that was held in the month of August 2019. Regardless of the scholarship TMV allowed students to participate in the program.

It was a 20 days program. We stayed at the hostel of Hiroshima University and our classes were held in the beautiful campus. Hiroshima was an amazing experience as that city spreads peace.

We got to taste variety of Japanese cuisine. Also went to see all the important and tourist places in Hiroshima. The shopping experience was amazing as well. Hot water spring was my most favourite spot ♥

I am glad that TMV gave me the opportunity to go to Hiroshima University and represent TMV.