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Colors of emotions

Have you ever heard about Origami? You must have, definitely. If not, Origami is Japanese paper folding art that started in 7th century. I have been doing Origami since my school days but I had never been serious about it until I was in college. It became a turning point in my life. I had always wanted to learn Japanese ever since I read Totto-chan, a best seller of Japan. And as I got exposed to the Japanese language and the culture, my perspective of Origami completely changed. I felt like I could explore my inner world. I was mesmerized by the unique Origami models. It helped me become more creative and confident. I realized it brings me immense joy and peace. And so, gradually, it became my passion. Since then, for the last 3 years, I have been trying to make Origami models every Sunday. I was learning Japanese at Mumbai University and there I made an Origami model of jumping frog to post on social media for some advertising purposes. My Japanese teacher saw the video and asked me to make a Kimono bookmark for a Japanese festival held in Somaiya college in Mumbai. I was ecstatic about this opportunity and I gave it my all. And from that day onwards, Origami was more than just a hobby to me. I even started creating Origami models using train tickets. One day, a ticket collector asked me to show my ticket for the ride. I pulled out a ticket from my bag and opened two or three folded tickets, and showed them the ticket for the day. That's when I saw her smiling at me. Thank God I found my ticket, otherwise, it would have been a major problem! After that, I promised myself only to create Origami using tickets that have already been used. Now, especially in lockdown, Origami has helped me a lot. It motivated me to wake up and do something productive. At the time I thought that why not start my very own YouTube channel where I can share tutorials of Origami models which we can use in our Indian festivals and it will motivate more people to venture into this art form. So, I decided to do it. To this day, I can't believe I have completed one year of my YouTube channel. I also started taking Origami sessions that helps me to improve my skills, which also inevitably boosts my confidence. Due to this, I can also connect with a lot of people. It feels very fulfilling too. Origami taught me to believe in myself. I found a way of living life vibrantly because of it. Just like while unfolding the paper to make a beautiful model, in life too, we need to take a step back sometimes to be in the right order. Origami has so many creases and folds which give each model its uniqueness and beauty. We humans, too, have a lot of creases and folds but that's what make us stand out from others. We are beautiful in our own way. And I think that's pretty amazing, don't you?

- Prajakta Chaudhari, SYBA


सुचण्याचे न सुचण्याचे

ओझे नको लेखनीला

कडव्याचं शब्दांवर

बंधनही नको रचनेला

मनीचे कागदी उतरावे

करण हेतु फक्त इतकाच की

हिरमुसलेल्या मनासाठी

धीर व्हावी कविता

तहानलेल्या ध्येयासाठी

नीर व्हावी कविता !!

- सृष्टी, एस. वाय. बी. ए.

सगळे रिते राहिले़...

रित्या गवाक्षी, आले निमंत्रण, स्वीकारण्याचा मोह झाला..

स्मित उमलल्या ओठांवरती, अलवार सा होकार आला..

सरले पडदे, सुरू जाहली आगळीशी धावपळ,

रिती किरणे, रित्याच नजरा, रितीच संध्याकाळ..

रित्या मना रे, रितेपणाचा तुझ्याच वर का आळ,

तुझ्याच इतकी झुरते बघ ना,

कशी ही संध्याकाळ..

समीप जाता दिसले काही, रितेसे राहिलेले,

रित्या नभाचे रितेच चेहरे, काहीसे गांगरलेले..

बोलू पाहत होते बहुधा मेघ दाटूनी काहीतरी,

रंग उतरली रिती अक्षरे, संवाद राहिला रिता परी..

सूर्य निघाला निरोप घटीका, मनास देऊन जाई शहारा,

शांत करांनी कुरवाळीत त्या, रित्या कृष्ण अंधारा..

फिरता फिरता रित्या मनाला, सुचलेली ही ओळ,

रितीच जागा रिती पाऊले, रितीच संध्याकाळ..

का जाहले, काय जाहले, व्यर्थच मी विचारून पाहीले,

उत्तर मात्र गवसले नाही, सगळे रिते राहिले़..

- ऋतुजा बक्षी, टी. वाय. बी. ए.

Haiku By Rutuja Bakshi





- Rutuja Bakshi, TYBA