Message from Vice Chancellor


It was an extra-ordinary time in the history of modern India when Mahatma Gandhi encouraged the establishment of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (TMV) in 1921 in the fond memory of Bal Gangadhar Tilak - A staunch promoter of National Education. We are pleased to announce that TMV is completing a rich legacy of 100 years, reaching new heights every single day. At Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, we believe that research and developmental activities creates and disseminates new knowledge in various disciplines and promotes innovation which in turn will motivate better learning and teaching among the faculty and students. We encourage research to promote publications and develop collaborations. Talking about creative future, the professional courses seemed to be highly rewarding where one giant leap towards industry professionals will result into a direct and greater impact one employability of students. Wishing you all very best in your future academic endeavour!

- Dr. Geetali Tilak

  In charge Vice Chancellor

Message From Dean


The Department of Japanese Language of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, is very well-known nation-wide. There are very few Universities in India that offer various courses in Japanese language. The Department offers programs such as BA and MA in Japanese, along with certificate, diploma and advance diploma in Japanese language. The alumni of the Department are well-placed in both the educational and industrial fields. The students of the Department get many career-options and good opportunities of placement. The Department has established tie-ups with prestigious Universities in Japan, through which the students get the opportunity of visit Japan and learn there. With the constant support of Japan Foundation, New Delhi, we have Japanese faculty here in Pune as well. Our graduate and post-graduate students are benefitted because of these knowledgeable teachers. The Department looks forward to exceeding and expanding further by involving more and more students in the studies of Japanese language and culture. I welcome you all on behalf of the Vidyapeeth and wish you best of luck for your studies and as well as academic and cultural activities in TMV !

- Prof. Manjusha Gokhale


  Faculty of Arts and Fine Arts

  Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth

Message from Language Advisor


みなさんはどうして外国語を、そして日本語を学ぼうと思うのでしょうか。仕事のため、国際社会で活躍するため、異なる文化を理解するため、その外国語が使われている文化が好きだから…。いろいろな理由があると思います。それらの理由からもう1歩あるいは2歩考えを進めてみましょう。どうですか?きっと人生を豊かにすることにつながっていくのではないでしょうか。  外国語を話している時と母語を話している時は性格が違うように感じる人もいるでしょう。母語を話しているあなたと外国語を話しているあなたは、きっと違うアイデンティティを持っているのでしょう。あるいは、外国語を学んで違う文化を知ったことで物の見方がそれ以前とは変わったと感じた経験がある人もいるのではないでしょうか。それは自分の文化とは違う文化を知ったことで視野が広がり、考え方が寛容になったのでしょう。  このように外国語を身に付けると新しいアイデンティティが得られ、視野も広がります。つまり、あなた自身が一人の「あなた」ではなくなり、それぞれの「あなた」が持っている目で多くのことが見られるようになるのです。それがあなたの人生をより豊かにしていくと私は考えています。そして、そのような人が増えれば、世界の人々がもっと幸せに、もっと平和に暮らせるようになるのではないでしょうか。

- Mr. Tomonari Kuroda

  Language Advisor

  West India Zone,

  The Japan Foundation, New Delhi